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About Bordernet
BorderNEt internet began as a small rural ISP in the southern NSW rural town of Deniliquin in 1997 providing dial up access to the shire residents, at the time being the only service provider in the district. As the popularity of ADSL broadband connections in creased in metropolitan Australia, so did requests from BorderNET subscribers to find an alternative service as ADSL was not on the horizon in rural areas for many years. In response BorderNET began developing and testing a pay TV style high speed internet service over satellite. Continued organic growth achieved by word of mouth testimony and multiple acquisitions of other rural ISP's has led to BorderNET being considered market leader and specialist in the delivery of residential broadband internet over Satellite, a position it retains to this day.
BorderNET was developed by rural people who strongly believe that keeping the regional focus allows our team to communicate and support our subscribers effectively. Understanding and appreciating the environment in which our clients live is important to the BorderNET team with presently more than half the team originating from a rural background.