NBN Sky Muster outage



UPDATE 04/09/23 – 6am (QLD Time):

Update – 10:00pm: A significant number of effected services are now back online. We are working to restore service to the remaining group of customers that are offline.
If you are not yet back online, please power off and back on your equipment. This may restore service if your area has been restored.
Update – 9:15am: Unfortunately some services that were previously restored have gone offline again. We have restored some services and are working to bring remaining customers online as soon as we can.
Update – 6:00am: Our Engineering team have restored some services, and are working to restore the remaining offline customers. We will have further updates as soon as we can.

Bordernet are aware of an outage effecting customers.
Effected customers will be offline despite nbn equipment appearing online. Customers should not need to do anything to get back online after this outage, however powering off and on the nbn equipment and your router may help once the outage is resolved.
We apologise for the inconvenience. Our Engineering team are working to resolve the issue at this time.

UPDATE: 21/03/2023 – 09:17am (QLD Time)

Bordernet are undergoing a closure of unused email addresses. Customers who will have their account closed will have received and email in the effect mailbox advising of the intended closure.
This advisory is to officially notify of that closure.
Customers who have received the closure email should contact Bordernet either by replying to the email they received, or by calling our Contact Centre.