NBN SkyMuster outage.

STARTED AT: 04/12/2021

As of 8PM AEST 21st December, NBN have reported an Incident inside of their network which impacted ALL satellite customers. NBN have indicated that since then 34% of satellite customers are presently offline with an Orange NTD status, while other customers are likely to lose connection intermittently.

NBN are continuing to work with their providers to resolve these issues.


NBN have updated us to let us know their work on the issue of offline NTD’s with orange status lights is ongoing with a few minor qualifiers.
If you ARE online, try to avoid rebooting your Modem if you can, it can take up to half an hour to get back online, if you do get back online.

If you are offline with an orange light, NBN’s present attempts to restore services have not helped you yet and presently NBN have not provided any other solutions for your connectivity problems to Bordernet.

UPDATE:29/12/2021 – 2:56pm (QLD Time)

NBN Attempts through the evening to restore affected services have been unsuccessful.
NBN will make some new attempts through the afternoon and have asked, where possible that customers NOT power off their SkyMuster equipment.

We will provide further updates as NBN makes them available.

UPDATE: 29/12/2021 5:33pm (QLD time)

NBN have advised that unfortunately efforts today to reconfigure and reboot services were unsuccessful in bringing customers back online.

Their engineering team are currently re-evaluating and continuing troubleshooting to come up with a new plan to bring customers back online.

UPDATE: 29/12/2021 11:07pm (QLD time)

While nbn had earlier advised that the reboot of devices was unsuccessful, they have further updated us that some services did indeed come online after reconfiguring some settings on some NTD’s.
NBN are still working to restore service to customers who are still offline, and will be attempting further work to effected customers services on the 30th.

UPDATE: 30/12/2021 12:48pm (QLD time)

NBN have advised that they may have identified a fix for affected services, and they expect to test this tonight via an update on a single ground station. If successful, nbn will then roll out the update on the remaining ground stations over the next 4 nights.

NBN have stressed that this is not a definite resolution, and the test on the first ground station may not be successful.

We will continue to update this post as more information comes from nbn.

4/1/22 10am:

NBN believe they have made significant progress towards resolving the issues overnight.
Some service calls for this outage may now be cancelled if the service is back online.
Not all services are restored yet, but NBN believe this is solid progress towards restoration.

Bordernet are not able to alter the order in which services are restored by NBN.
Services experiencing slow services or delays in connection should expect those issues to be resolved by a later NBN System update over the coming week.
We will continue to provide updates as NBN’s work progresses.

UPDATE 5/1/22 10am:

NBN have indicated their current work is showing positive results for customers affected the present NBN outage.
NBN have indicated further work is still required over the coming days before ALL users will be restored.
NBN are doing this work according to their plans and SkyMesh is not able to change the order in which NBN restores services.
Where possible please leave your NBN Modem turned on.

Bordernet appreciate your patience and understanding during this trialing time and apologise for the ongoing inconvenience

UPDATE 11:30AM NBN advised On Tuesday 4 January that they had developed a remediation solution and that NBN would be trialing with a small number of customers. nbn have now successfully trialed the solution

nbn expects to restore up to 90% of the impacted services by the end of today (5 January 2022), with the remainder of services impacted by this issue expected to be restored by Friday 7 January close of business.

NBN SkyMuster Core Network, which effects some Microsoft services.

STARTED AT: 07/07/2021

NBN has identified a routing issue within the NBN SkyMuster Core Network, which effects some Microsoft services.

As a result, some SkyMuster and Sky Muster Plus customers may experience an intermittent loss of access to Microsoft Domains & associated Office 365 Services.

The issue has been lodged to NBN as a high priority Network Fault. NBN Engineering are actively investigating the issue – however no resolution ETA has been provided at this stage.

We will continue to work with our NBN Partners to obtain a resolution as soon as possible and will update this advisory accordingly.

Thank you for your patience. We apologise for the disruption and inconvenience.



Bordernet Call Centre – Early Closure

SEVERITY: Early Closure
STARTED AT: 3:15pm AEST 05/05/2021
EXPECTED END TIME: 6pm AEST 05/05/2021

Due to unprecedented circumstances Bordernet have decided to close our phone lines from 3:15pm AEST.

With the inbound contact volume we’ve received today we’ve chosen to close the entrance to our inbound phone lines early, so customers are not continuing to join our queues when we are almost certain we will not be able to answer their call before 6pm.

Rest assured that our team will continue to answer any calls that are already in the queue after this ‘soft close’, from 3:15pm right the way through until our usual closing time of 6pm AEST.

Bordernet understands that this is not an ideal solution, and we’re hopeful that our customers will appreciate our efforts to not prevent them from waiting on the line for an answer that will not come.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bordernet Email Change

STARTED AT: 29/04/2021

Due to upgrades to our webmail platform, we have had to change the link to our webmail site. The new home for Bordernet webmail is webmail.bordernet.com.au