Disaster Support

Natural disasters are sadly a common occurrence in Australia.  While every Australian does their best to be prepared for the worst of our harsh climate, it’s not always possible.

nbn™ bushfire relief

Has your home become uninhabitable or completely lost, or has your primary residence been impacted by the Australian bushfire season of 2019/20?

If you’re a Bordernet customer, we can provide support to the value of:

  • $330 (including GST) if you’ve completely lost your home or it’s now uninhabitable, or
  • $55 (including GST) if your primary residence or business is in an area that has been affected by bushfire activity.

The abovementioned financial packages can cover:

    • a credit of service fees from when your connection was affected to the time you contacted Bordernet
    • a credit of early termination fees if you were under contract when your home was affected
    • erasure of any debt your service may have had owing at the time your home was affected (within the value of this financial package)
    • a credit for one-month FREE service for the plan you were on when you reconnect your service
    • an account credit for the whole amount of any remaining relief funds after the above has been addressed for you.

Additionally, we can payout any account credit in cash. All you need to do is contact us by clicking the button below and we will raise a claim on your behalf with nbn™.


If you’re a Bordernet customer impacted by a natural disaster, we can help:

  • No notice period required for cancellations at affected premises
  • 30-days FREE when you’re back on your feet and ready to reconnect
  • FREE relocation of your service to a new address *Must be serviceable by Bordernet
  • Arrangement of payment plans if you’re experiencing financial hardship.

For account support, please contact our Customer Engagement Team on 1300 730 302.