nbn™ installation day FAQs

Will my installation be completed during one visit?

nbn™ installers aim to get all the required work completed during one visit. On some occasions, however, this isn’t possible due to the complex nature of connecting different types of premises. Because of this, while upgrading to the nbn™ network, we always advise our customers to be prepared for not having a service directly after the first installation appointment, even if the chances are small.

Where should the Network Termination Device (NTD) be installed?

This is usually straightforward and the engineer will advise where the NTD can be installed. If you aren’t happy with the proposed location, be sure to discuss the this with the engineer to agree an alternative location. Once the NTD has been installed, its location cannot be changed. If you are not happy with all of the proposed locations, advise the installer that you do not want to progress with the installation and contact Bordernet so we can arrange for an alternative installer to visit your premises.

I can no longer make the installation appointment. What should I do?

If you can’t make the agreed date and need to cancel, please contact us so we can inform nbn™ and arrange an alternative appointment on your behalf.

Do I need to contact Bordernet after the installation has been completed?

No, this is not necessary. In most instances, the service is pre-provisioned and is active directly after a new installation. Please only contact us if you are still not able to access your service within 2 business days.

When will my service be activated?

For new installations, once nbn™ notifies us that the installation is going ahead, we provision your service so you should be able to access the internet straight away.

If you are having battery backup installed on a separate occasion to your NTD, we aim to have your service activated within 6 hours.

If you originally arranged for the hardware to be installed via a different provider, or are switching provider, we aim to have your service activated within 2 business days.

The nbn™ engineer didn’t show up or let me know! What should I do?

On some occasions, nbn™ installers will be unable to attend an installation appointment on a particular day, occasionally without advanced notice the customer. We fully appreciate this is very frustrating, especially if you have taken time off work or made special arrangements to be at home for the installation.

If this happens, please let us know immediately so we can reschedule with nbn™.

Unfortunately, nbn co will not compensate customers for the inconvenience or for loss of earnings.

Why did the installer not show up as scheduled?

We’ve found that nbn installers do their best to keep every appointment and are generally very good at notifying customers if they can no longer make the agreed date.

Here are some common reasons for installers missing their appointments or not being able to complete the installation:

  • A miscommunication between nbn co and the nbn™ installer as to your appointment date and time;
  • The nbn™ installer not confirming the appointment that was reserved with nbn co;
  • A previous appointment taking an unexpectedly long time;
  • Fibre faults in your street or suburb that need to be attended to before your premises can be connected;
  • The NTD is not registered after a previous appointment at your premises; and
  • The Lead In Conduit (LIC) is blocked and needs a different crew to remedy the problem;
  • Adverse weather conditions prevented the nbn™ installer from working on or inside your roof (applicable to Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ installations).

How can I complain to nbn™ about the installation?

If you would like to complain to nbn™ about your installation experience, you can lodge a formal complaint by emailing complaints@nbnco.com.au

If you’d prefer, we can lodge a complaint on your behalf. To do so, please contact us and provide details on what went wrong with your installation.

When does Bordernet find out if my appointment was missed or not completed?

We generally aren’t informed by nbn™ until several days after the original appointment date. If this has happened, please always notify us immediately so we can arrange a new installation date on your behalf and find out what went wrong. Bordernet will always request expedited appointments for missed or not completed installations.

Please bear in mind that the next available installation date may be weeks away and is determined solely by nbn™.

Occasionally nbn co or the nbn™ installer will contact you directly to reschedule the appointment without first notifying Bordernet. If the proposed appointment suits you then please go ahead and accept. If it doesn’t suit you, please let us know and we’ll contact nbn™ to see what other appointments are available.

How many installation appointments does nbn™ have each day?

Several thousand, daily, across both rural and metro areas, all completed and coordinated by nbn’s™ network of trained, certified installers. It’s a hugely complex infrastructure project and the largest of its kind to date.