Understanding My Usage

What is usage?

Usage is the amount of data that you download from (and upload to) the Internet.

Does it cost anything?

We do not charge excess fees for usage of broadband services. If you exceed your data allowance, your service speed will be limited.

How can I get information about my usage?

You can view your usage online via My Bordernet. If you can’t access My Bordernet for any reason, please contact us.

How can I manage my usage?

Data allowances, usage, and a monthly planner for each of your broadband services can be found in My Bordernet on the Usage tab.

How much data do I need?

Listed below are usage estimates (they’re just a guide) for some activities:

  • Web Browsing = 2 MB per page
  • Email = 50 kB per textual email
  • Music = 5 MB per HD song
  • Movies = 4 GB per HD movie
  • Music Streaming = 100 MB per hour of HD content
  • Video Streaming = 3 GB per hour of HD content