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Welcome To Bordernet
This year we're celebrating 11 years of connecting rural and remote Australians to the world of Broadband Internet. As one of only a handful of current providers, we are pleased to announce that BorderNET has been chosen to continue delivering satellite internet through NBNCo's new NBN Satellite System, continuing a long tradition of offering cost effective high speed connections to rural and remote individuals, communities and corporate clients.
New NBN services available!
Bordernet, in conjunction with NBN, is very pleased to advise we will soon be embarking on a full equipment upgrade to all current NBN satellite customers following the successful launch and subsequent testing of the new NBN Sky Muster satellite In addition to offering services on the new Sky Muster satellite, we will be able to offer ADSL, Fixed wireless and Fibre services to customers in areas where it is available. Customers interested in the new services should complete our online enquiry form, our staff will contact you once the service is available in your area.