10 easy DIY steps to fix your internet and manage your account

Sometimes it’s just faster to do things yourself. That is of course, providing you know what to do and how to do it.

When it comes to why your internet isn’t working, well… that can be a head scratcher for many people. There are, however, some consistent offenders that can cause trouble with your internet connection. These cheeky blighters can be easily overcome though with the DIY steps we’ve provided below.

Beyond a broken internet connection, sometimes you just want to quickly change your plan or update some account details. You don’t always want to call someone to make those sorts of things happen. We’ve got DIY steps for those things below as well.

If you’ve worked through these but you’d like some help, give our super friendly all-Aussie customer engagement centre a call on 1300 730 302


1.   Change plans online

Login to your online account and navigate to Services.

Click on Change Plan as shown in the screenshot below.


Select your new plan by choosing either Upgrade or Downgrade from the available list of plans.


Boom! You’ve changed your plan and it will take effect in the next billing period.

2. Buy more data online


Did you know we sell additional data as Data Blocks that you can easily purchase via your online account?

Once you’ve logged into your online account, navigate to Data Blocks in the top navigation bar.

Click Purchase Data Block displayed as a button beneath the table on screen.


My Bordernet buy data block

Click the Purchase button next to the data block you’d like to purchase.

Follow the remaining prompts through the checkout process.


3.   Make a payment online


Login to your online account and navigate to Account in the top navigation bar. Then in the secondary navigation bar, select Pay Now.

Complete the fields in the form and select Process Payment.

That’s it. All done.

4. Update your payment details online


Login to your online account and navigate to Account in the top navigation bar. Then in the secondary navigation bar, select Payment.

Complete all the fields that are applicable to you and select Save.

The changes should take effect immediately.

5.   Check for network outages

All network outages will be published on the Bordernet website as well as on our Facebook page.

Visit https://www.bordernet.com.au/network-status to view the known network outages.

Alternatively, you can check our Facebook page.


6.   Power cycle your equipment

All over the world people jest about the default response of every IT person ever: have you turned it off and back on again?

But in all seriousness, performing a power cycle is a great first step to regaining your internet connection.

A power cycle is literally the act of turning off both your NTD (nbn box) and your router.

Wait at least 5 minutes and then turn the NTD back on, wait another minute and then switch on the router.

From here it can take between 5 and 30 minutes for the connection to restore.


7.   Check if your NTD is working

Check that the light on your NTD is not white or red.

It will glow white when you first turn it on and also while its rebooting if all is working well.

It should change colour within 5 minutes of you trying to reboot.

If the light turns orange or blue, then everything should be fine with your satellite dish.

Orange is a stand-by mode.


8.   Check the lights on your router

There are only two lights you really need to worry about on your router:

  • Internet/WAN light
  • WiFi lights

Check the Internet/WAN and WiFi lights are on.

If they’re not on, then make sure the power is turned on both at the wall and on the router. If you’ve done that and the lights still aren’t on, try plugging the router into a different power socket.

If you have lights but your router still isn’t working, check that you have the cable running from your NTD is plugged into the Internet/WAN socket in the back of your router. While these sockets may all look the same on the back of your router, I assure you they’re not. The internet/WAN socket may be a different colour to the rest so look for that as a starting place.

If none of those things get the internet working again at your place, please give us a call on 1300 730 302.

Blue means it’s all active and online.

If your lights stay white or red, try plugging the NTD into a different power socket.

If that doesn’t work, then give us a call on 1300 730 302


 Is your device connected to the WiFi

Look for the WiFi symbol on your device.


If you can’t see this symbol you’re not connected to the WiFi.

Start by navigating to the settings on your device and checking that the WiFi option has been selected.

If that doesn’t give you joy, check your NTD and your router are turned on and working using the steps in questions 7 and 8 above.

Still no love and you think the problem is your internet connection, not your device? Call us on 1300 730 302


Is your data is being shaped

If you think your data might be being shaped, login to your online account and navigate to Usage.

You will get a screen like the one below that will show you how much data you’ve used in both a graph and a table.

Shaping only applies to the period during which you have reached 100 per cent of your data usage.

So, if you’re at 100 per cent of your peak data usage but not your off-peak data usage, you will be shaped during your peak hours only.



To become unshaped, you can wait till your next month’s data allocation rolls around or you could purchase some data blocks to top you up.