Sky Muster™ Router Setup

Sky Muster™ modems need to be connected to mains power.

When the device is connected to power, the status light on front of the box will turn on.

The device takes between 6 to 8 minutes to connect to the network, during which the status light will show a flashing white colour.

You should connect your computer or wireless router to the UNI-D 1 port on the left-hand side of the Sky Muster™ modem.

The other ports should be left empty. UNI-D 2, 3 and 4 are back up ports and they are inactive by default.

You can use any compatible wireless router with the Sky Muster™ service.

The setup process is simple.

  1. The router should use a ‘DHCP’ Internet Connection type. This is sometimes called ‘Dynamic IP’.
  2. The router’s Ethernet WAN port should be enabled.
  3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the ‘Ethernet WAN’ port to the ‘Sky Muster’ modem.

You can connect your computers, phones and tablets to the router’s wireless network.

You can also connect computers to the router using an Ethernet cable.

If you need any help with setting up your router, you should contact the manufacturer of the router for technical support.

The manufacturer can give you information about your equipment, and if the device is faulty they may be able to offer you a replacement.

We have put together a list of support hotlines for the manufacturers of the most wireless router models:

  • Asus: 1300 278 788
  • Belkin: 1800 235 546
  • Billion: 02 4050 0799
  • Buffalo: 1300 761 310
  • D-Link: 1300 766 868
  • Edimax: 08 6102 2811
  • Linksys: 1800 605 971
  • Netgear: 1300 361 254
  • TP-Link: 1300 875 465