Managing My Spend

How can I select the appropriate Plan for my needs?

Bordernet Sales staff are trained to assist you to choose the Plan that is appropriate for your needs. Please feel free to contact Bordernet Sales on 1300 730 302 to discuss your Plan selection.

How can monitor my usage?

Please see Understanding My Usage

How recent is the available usage information?

Broadband data usage information is generally less than 15 minutes old. (From time to time there may be blockages will later be cleared).

Data Block purchases and Plan Changes are shown immediately in My Bordernet.

Will I get charged if I use more data than my allowance?

Bordernet does not charge excess fees for usage of broadband services. For more information, see Understanding My Usage.



How can I change my Bordernet Plan?

Log into My Bordernet, click on the Services tab and then click the Change Plan button.